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"Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky"
(Kahlil Gebran)

standing like a tree - seasonal openings in Amstelpark
"Tree Time" has the tree as it's central motif and aims for a communal movement rooted in stillness.
By way of standing like a tree (still chi kung or zhan zhuang), you will be introduced and invited to explore from the inside the fundamental forces represented by the tree's life cycle:


The Tree Time seasonal openings in Amstelpark are offered in collaboration with De Meditatietuin.

This openings are meant for everyone who wishes to nurture greater vitality and health by way of cultivating an embodied and heart-felt conversation with nature.

We practice outside, in the context of intentional and direct relationship with the elements, specially the trees.

We engage in simple, ancient and nature-based practices, such as:

- still chi kung (zhan zhuang, archetypical postures for health)
- slow movement
- walking chi kung
- partner work with the trees

This training makes available:

- simple and efficient practices that you can take home and integrate in your daily life
- exercises that nourish your sensorial awareness, immunity, nervous system regulation, heart-connection, grounding and intimacy with yourself and the surrounding world
- orienting and connecting to environment
- exploration and play around what it means to be part of the web of life connecting all living beings

19 July; 9 and 30 August;

-10h00: arrival at De Meditatietuin
-10h30: we go to the trees
-12h30h00: return to De Meditatietuin
-13h15: finish

37,50 (excl.vat);€25 for regular students.


raqueljes@mailbox or through here.

De Meditatietuin, Amstelpark 6, Amsterdam


- Do bring comfortable, flexible clothing and shoe wearing suitable for the weather.
-Do eat a nutrient-rich meal before attending class

Coronavirus extra safety requirements:

- there's a limit for the number of participants, therefore the group should remain small. (max 9 person)
- the 1,5 meter distance between participants should be respected at all times
- the training will unfold mostly outdoors
- do disinfect or wash your hands with soap at arrival
- please inform if you have any symptoms such as a cold or fever before the workshop will take place. In case of complaints, please stay at home. Your can either use your ticket for the next workshop and if possible or your ticket will be refunded.

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