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A small movement is better than a big movement,
no movement is better than a small movement,
stillness is the mother of all movement.

Wang Xiang-Zhai

CHI KUNG literally translates as ‘the working of chi’. Chi means energy and it's everywhere, including the human body. All human activity - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - depends of the quality, abundance and flow of chi.
With the appropriate energy level the body can become more resilient and balanced.

Chi kung enables the cultivation of chi and it has been used for thousands of years to improve health and foster inner power. This art can be traced back to the Buddhist monasteries, the Taoist schools, the practices of herbalists and doctors, and the disciplines of the martial arts.
The tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and it encompasses many styles and systems.

STILL STANDING it’s a body of ancient practices based on a variety of archetypical postures. With virtually no external movements it facilitates the experience of the inner reality of the body - sensorial, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

It derives from one of the chi kung systems with the longest tradition, the Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung, which freely translated, also means ‘Standing Like A Tree’.
The tree it’s a great example of how to stand still, in balance between Earth and Heaven. Reaching deeply into the nourishing soil of the Earth,
stretching upwards toward Heaven, the tree symbolises a pole or axis linking the earthly realm to that of the spirit.

Similarly, the regular practice of Still Standing cultivates grounding, connection to self and the subtle relationship between our bodies and the elements of nature.
This practice invites us to engage with the direct experience of rhythms, patterns and the sensorial landscape, supporting health and self development.

STILL SITTING it’s another possible way to practice this art, allowing for deeper levels of relaxation, while keeping the body-mind connection awake and creating inner and outer movement. It encompasses an interesting combination of relaxation and strength, that can be very valuable for daily life circumstances.

LAYING DOWN serves the purpose of conserving and restoring energy. Performing certain postures in this position, increases the blood and energy flow in the body, decreases an activated nervous system and regulates the basic autonomic functions, such as the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and inner tensions.

CHI KUNG SESSIONS are based on:

  • eight archetypical postures (zhan zhuang)
  • eight internal stretches (ba duan jin)
  • walking chi kung (zhou bo)
  • acupressure
  • conscious movement

In addition, most exercises have the potential to bring a new awareness into the day-to-day life, while laying down, sitting, standing, walking and performing different activities.