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"Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky"
(Kahlil Gebran)

standing like a tree - the eight archetypical postures
The tree is the central motif of this one-day chi kung workshop.
Still standing chi kung, also referred to as the art of standing like a tree, promotes a balanced way of standing in between the heaven and earth.

By way of archetypical postures, we will explore in our bodies and get intimate with the fundamental natural forces represented by the tree.

8 essential postures: seed posture. root posture. trunk posture. earth posture. branching posture. spreading posture. bud posture. flower posture. 
8 essential themes: centering. grounding. verticality. stability. contact. balance. growth. expression.

Besides the postural training, we engage in partner work with each other and with the trees.

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This training makes available:

- simple and efficient embodiment practices that you can integrate in your daily life
- resources which support health, grounding and resonant interaction with the surrounding world
- body & energy listening skills
- cultivation of the authentic self

This workshop unfolds throughout the four seasons, both inside and outside the studio, located in the heart of Amstelpark.

It’s open to all levels of practice, and no previous chi kung experience is required.

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Drawings created for the exhibition Trees

Registration or more information, please contact here.
Only after receiving your interest, I return with the practical details. 

fee: 90 per workshop (excl.vat); 70 for weekly classe's students

schedule: 10h00-17h00 (except the winter workshop, which is 10h00 -16h00)

dates: 29 June, 22 September; 21 December 2019; 22 March 2020.

location: De Meditatietuin, Amstelpark 6, Amsterdam