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This workshops unfold throughout the year, helping us adjust, cope and creatively navigate the seasons and the change.

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When the seasons of the earth change our bodies responds.This sensible conversation has helped us survive and evolve, till today.

It is a powerful practice to respect and nurture this relationship.

Therefore, we facilitate a space for body, energy and intention-based exercises meant to craft the alignment between the seasons of the Earth and the seasons in the body.

By way of chi kung, body-nutritive practices, meditation, craft, storytelling and journaling we allow for the seasonal wisdom to emerge into the physical, energetic, mythic and spiritual dimensions of our lives.
We are several facilitators, offering a range of practices and explorations, in the course of the wheel of the year.

The "Life Belt"
with Raquel & Jasmin

This workshop takes place in the forest.

We constellate around the theme "life belt" - exploring our "belt" both as a border and a holder of powerful generative forces.

We navigate the felt body, track energy pathways, un-earth stories and craft a cerimonial "life belt".
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This workshop offers:

  • simple exercises, from bodywork to craft, that help you nurture, contain and direct your life force from inside-out.
  • explorations around how we make (healthy) boundaries
  • bridge between intentions/will and action
  • grounding tools
  • practices for connecting to the earth and the elements
  • cross-pollination of personal experiences and inspiration 
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raquel jesus & jasmin hasler
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€45 (incl.VAT)


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Guest Facilitators

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Jasmin Hasler
I am Jasmin Hasler, theatermaker and craftswoman. Growing up in a village surrounded by Austrian nature, I have always drawn inspiration from the connection between senses, body and landscape. After studying textile and landscape architecture in Vienna, theatre studies brought me to the Netherlands. I have been involved in seasonal ritual for almost ten years and take huge inspiration from the body weather laboratory and chi kung practice. I love to create poetry with the invisible, everyday life, the sensorial and the absolute minimum. Often I create worlds that invite the visitor to be a part of it. My work has an minimalist yet poetic, tactile touch and plays on the border of textile, installation, the body, theatre and ecology.