ONLINE CHAIR CHI KUNG - for recovery
and core vitality

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This is a powerful way to regulate, restore and recharge your body.

Sitting with the right alignment allows for deeper levels of relaxation, while keeping the body-mind connection awake. It encompasses an interesting combination of relaxation and strength, that can be very valuable for daily life circumstances and also for convalescence.

There is an emphasis in the organic intelligence of the body and the functioning of the autonomic nervous system as a way to foster trust in your sensibility and inherent ability to recover and heal.


archetypical postures for health (zhan zhuang chi kung)
eight internal stretches (ba duan jin)

drops into center
orientation skills
rebalancing of the relaxation-tension dynamics
stress regulation
felt-sense awareness

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"First of all I want to thank you for all the past Chi Kung sessions. It's been quite an experience for me, a very positive one, one of coming home. I was surprised how minimal the movements were and how deep their effect. I also thought it is a pity I didn't discover it earlier, after chemo therapy ten years ago. During recovery, which was an ongoing issue for so many years, most physical practices somehow asked more from me than they would give me in return. So I'd never stick with a practice for a long time. Besides that, it was new to me that a physical practice for adults would be accompanied with such nourishing stories and images. I think the last time I've experienced nourishment that was both grounded in the body and in spirit was in childhood. So even after the sessions with you, during the week, poetic sensorial awareness was continuously more awakened, and my "entire system" much more open for inspiration." 
A.K., Amsterdam

Dates & Schedule
to be defined when applications are received

Online: zoom room

76€ (6 sessions)

Triodos Bank IBAN: NL64 TRIO 0198 3703 85
R. Jesus

Classes are open to all levels of training and previous experience with chi kung is not a requirement.

raqueljes@mailbox.org or
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