The Treeness in You

tree lemelerberg

Diary of a tree, Lemelerberg, Ommen, Netherlands - July 2020
Words by Raquel Jesus

Tall I am
Low I grow too 
My potency lies in this:
In stillness
I welcome all the phases
I embody all dimensions.
What is the potency in you?

Lay down, seat or stand with me
Summon the hidden fire
Cradled in the dark womb of the Earth
Ignite the flame within
the fierceness of life
that ripples from bone to skin.

Potency held in smallness
is a loss
for all that life can be.
In deepest love
the wind whispers
the Earth’s call
for you to be here.

Stand as I do
Remember your place in the circle of life
Bring your gifts to the world
and behold the potency
of the whole…
that is you.