Earth-Bond - if not now?

I believe that our most essential responsibility is to bond our whole individual and communal selves to the Earth. I am a woman, who has been long in the path of the return and of remembering who I am. And when I do, when more parts of me get to touch the Earth, I know from within, that I am the Earth too. What else is this body and flesh, than pieces of this larger body which, back in my homeland, we call “Terra”?

Today is Earth Day or “Dia da Terra”, a time to ponder our relationship with Mother Earth. Relatedness is part of women’s deepest ways of knowing. The relatedness to our children, to other humans, to the non-humans, to trees, plants, the moon, sun and stars. With a poor sense of relatedness to the physical world, we become unearthed, inhabited, uprooted. We become separated from the liveliness of the world around us and parts of us remain dormant in the dark.

If not now, to commit into restoring the bond with the Earth? To wake up for who we truly are? To become free from all the garbage of society, culture and history, projected on us?
To step into our own sovereignty and stand firm and upright in this Earth? If not now…when?