Close to the Earth: Body-to-Body

JoanneSaltet_Raquel_wR (15 van 22)
Staying close to the earth is one of the main ways I co-regulate. And possibly, you too.

Stress, anxiety and fear pulls us away from the Earth, making us go up and out of touch with the body. With poor Earth connection, we speed up, miss out internal or external cues that can help us settle down and impair our ability to stay connected, in the present moment.

Let's recognise it: it’s a big challenge to remain close to the Earth, considering the way we live as a society and the concurrent crisis we are going through currently. Most of us are basically surviving, right?
To those of us in survival mode, yes it's really hard and possibly just too much to deal with. I feel you, I have been there as well. Yet, living in survival won't bring us health, presence and connection. Which means, that we end up remaining all alone amidst a troublesome world. And this is super scary. I mean,what are we all truly longing for?

What if you dare to tell yourself that despite of how difficult and stuck you may feel, now is actually the best possible opportunity for you personally and for us as a collective, to re-evaluate the ways we live? And in this case, how do you wish to contribute?

This questions may carve further the path of the unknown, which as we know, it's unfolding for us, whether we want it or not.
So here’s a suggestion: find ways to become closer to the Earth, because this may be the very best thing you can allow yourself to do, at this moment.

Connection with the Earth calls for growing your skills of grounding, sensorial awareness, tuning with your body-intelligence and orientation towards the gravity and space. It calls for your heart to finally beat together with the heart of another and in coherence with the pulse of the Earth. It calls for you as a whole.

Our biology it's wired this way so that to maintain homeostasis. Our bodies are constantly seeking and being seeked by the Earth for co-regulation and balance. Yes, you read it right: relationships are a two-way avenue, the Earth longs for you and you long for her. 

Even if wishing more connection and embodied-presence,  moving away from the earth might be what we automatically do when feeling triggered or insecure. So how do we change this?

In order to work with people inspiring them about still chi kung and trauma healing, I needed to heal and grow skills myself in order to no only come closer but also to remain more intimate with the Earth. This has been and still is a recovery journey into my humanity, an unfolding process where the vast potential contained within the body intelligence must become the leader - as only one body knows any other body; as only one body knows the larger body of the Earth.
Being committed with a journey of embodiment for at least, the last 15 years, I strongly feel that at this time of our collective story, the best way to be on the service, is by making my experience and knowledge accessible to you.
Just like any other skill, skills need to be practiced regularly, manifested into purposeful action.
One way of breaking the automatic cycle of separation from the earth and our bodies, is to practice and grow this skills by joining a group of people with the very same intent. This is one of the main purposes of the chi kung classes and workshops I offer - you can check here for more information.

Nowadays science, ecological, aboriginal and spiritual practices seem to converge into the very same realisations: our bodies and the body of the earth are so deeply and intricately connected, that we need to admit that we don't know it all; one thing we know for sure - the health of our bodies and the health of the earth are dependable on each other. 

It is during the critical moments that we most need to consider what is truly essential.

And it boils down to this: we need to keep ourselves close to the Earth, we need to restore the old conversation between micro and macro bodies, if we are to heal, increase our resilience and make meaning of our lives.  
You have a choice, and if you find it hard, just know that there is support available for you.
I am here, you only need to ask.