The Dark and your Blood-Moon

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As the moon enters the shadow during the eclipse, so the feminine needs to embrace the dark at times. That’s the alchemy of the universe: between light and dark, between the spirit and the blood mysteries.
A great phenomenon took place last 27-28 September 2015, a total lunar eclipse, also called the blood-moon.
Admiring the night skies, contemplating the moon I find myself questioning: isn’t this a sign, isn’t this the moment for us woman to completely surrender, into the magic of the most magnificent phenomenon ever, occurring right here, in our bodies, in our wombs? Isn’t this the time to look within, listen and voice the wisdom of our very own blood-moon?

Reflecting on these questions, I felt the urge to speak from my womb. Perhaps you can resonate with this - with me - right now - too?

Blood and Earth

I find it very interesting that human blood and Earth commute from one very important component: iron. Yes, our friend iron is the primary element that comprises Earth’s core and it’s responsible for Earth’s magnetic field. This means that both humans and Earth resonate with each other through a powerful common field, in which they are mutually attracted. In other words, there is a gravitational bond between the centre of the Earth and human beings.
When in our singular-or-collective psyche, blood is associated to warfare, domination, sacrifice or pain the natural principle of relatedness is subverted to create an artificial separation or dissociation between human beings and earth.
In terms of menstrual blood, this social-cultural-religious imprints are certainly in the root of unsupportive relationships developed between girls and their bodily natural cycles. Because the female body bleeds once each lunar-month, woman are more closely related to Earth than man. Once, separation occurs between woman and their natural flow, by way of fear, shame or resentment, her earthly nature which is her home and safety, get's swept away from her feet. She forgets who she is.

The embarkment into womanhood, happens with the first menarche. How girls initiate this journey will largely determine how comfortable they will be with their bodies, their blood and sexuality. Therefore in some traditions, girls used to be surrounded by their communities when their bleeding began. They would celebrate and welcome the girl into the mysterious wheel of the life-giving-taking cycle. Blood was related to birth and also associated with death. Blood was part of life renewing itself. A circle of magic!

“The blood mysteries teach us to remember that life and healing come from and return to woman, to the wise woman, to the woman who bleeds and bleeds. And does not die.” Susun Weed

The dark side of the cycle

When cycling towards the blood-moon, we engender on a journey towards our utmost darkest place: the womb. We generally become creative, sensitive, emotional and often destructive.
It’s important to reflect on darkness because there are so many misunderstandings attached to it. We often refer to the negative experiences in our life as dark . So what we perceive as dark comes most often wrapped with cultural or moral judgment of badness or wrongness.
Unconsciously or consciously, we rather not face our darkness, because it raises feelings of fear or hurt. And nonetheless, every month we bleed from our wombs, flushing away what is no longer needed. Emotionally, we tend to do precisely the same and for emotional release to happen, we first need feel our emotions.Holding our fierceness with compassion,  we can push away unnecessary beliefs, unsupportive ways to relate with ourselves and the environment around us and set nurturing intentions for us and our communities.The blood-moon is our ally: it supports us to follow the process of letting go and shed unnecessary layers from our physical, emotional and mental experience, allowing the cycle to move towards renewal, opening us to the possibility of new beginnings.
This is the sweet mystery of our female receptive nature: to let go and embrace the flow.
If we consider how girls have been raised to be polite, agreeable and nice, we can immediately understand, how hard it must be for many of us women, to detach from the expected “pleasing role, to set limits and say “no”!
In India, for example, the goddess Kali is revered by many and represents the wrathful goddess who destroys ignorance and egotism. Destructive, wrathful forces are a necessary part of the life cycle. We can observe it in nature, mostly during the Autumn season, when mother nature releases what no longer serves her. Or when we women, during the menstrual cycle, open and bleed. 
When we allow ourselves to feel our fierceness without shame or blame we can facilitate the flow of energy and transformation to occur. 
So, if we undervalue the importance of connecting with our wombs and of standing up for our own needs, how can we fully embrace the magic of the blood moon? How can we allow renewal to occur?
The relationship between women and their dark blood-moon has been cursed by several judgments of badness, but we can now make a choice to step out of this mind-set and create supportive beliefs for ourselves and our children.

Women will always be the source of life and the representation of the creative forces of Mother Earth. 

Being nurtured by the blood-moon

Dark doesn’t need to be negative. It can be actually a powerful, creative, nurturing place. 
Menstrual blood dark and dense, is in fact nutritious and life-giving, just like the fertile soil from Mother Earth. 
And our womb is just like the dark earth surrounding the tender seed, encouraging it, in full darkness, to sprout. This seed can be a child, an intention or vision. We have the power to birth whatever we desire, for our own benefit and for the benefit of the whole.
When we believe that dark is bad or something we need to fix, we can feel scared of bringing into light our full creative power (ex. giving birth to children, any other projects or visions), of making clear boundaries and unconsciously we might end up perceiving our womb as a threat…or even more, perceiving our womanhood as a threat.

As the moon enters the shadow during the eclipse, so the feminine needs to embrace the dark at times. That’s the alchemy of the universe: between light and dark, between the spirit and the blood mysteries.