Stories of Belonging - Liminal Place


When I am of the margin
the place where the water and land meet
I must become the crack,
The way in,
and the way out
between the fluid and solid
the dream and awake life.

I feel myself landing
into a half-in and half-out place
where all the shapes
can dissolve and emerge anew
where dreams can come across
into the shore of reality.

The meandering river
silently and steadily enchants my senses
with the grace of her infinite twists and turns.
I see how her stories spiral through
the land, the trees and this human vessel
as a vortex,
binding the worlds above and below,
calling forth for both the dream and the dreamer.

Do I dare to become that water,
to let myself melt into the formless
allow my bones to loosen,
and return them back
to their oceanic liquid nature?

Do I dare to become that ground,
that can bend, fall apart and rise anew,
solid enough to embed dreams and soul
into the fabric of reality?