June 2021

Let's Say a Few Things About Revealing Ourselves and Trauma

Let’s say
that light is part of you
as much as darkness.
And that it is in the dark places
that you find the golden ring.

Let’s say
that is amongst the most difficult bits
that this ring will shine the most.
This ring is not only metaphor or fairy tale.
This ring is actually that sparkle of light
that fire,
which is part of you.
And in it’s middle,
there is something very precious:
the core of who you are.

Your core is eternal.
A part of you
that is always intact.
A part of you
that is connected to source.
No wonder,
that is enveloped by a golden ring.

But your body is even wiser than this.
When you suffer from overwhelm,
helplessness or disempowerment,
it builds a wall around this ring.
Maybe you are untouchable,
and society calls you
strong and brave;
maybe you are always helpful
and emotionally available to everyone….
but yourself;
Maybe you eat,
ingest coffee, sweet or junk food
so to compensate
that missing part.
Maybe you work,
for endeless hours...
avoiding real intimacy.
These are no more than expressions
of those walls.
Walls which are protecting you
against hurt or pain.
Despite being very effective,
these behaviours are not who you truly are.
Keeping this protections depletes your energy.
You cannot feel satisfied.
And it can make you sick.

The golden ring,
represents our inner fire.
Our hearts.
But fire cannot breathe properly under the enclosure of walls.
If the walls are too thick or stay for too long inside ourselves,
it constricts the fire.
When you cannot feel your heart anymore,
you disconnect from that which lives in it's middle:
your true self.

You need to know this:
if you avoid feeling the pain,
you also avoid the goodness of life.
And that includes revealing yourself authentically.

But protections are wise.
They are there for a very good reason.
A reason that usually goes way back,
to the root of our existence.

Let’s say
that if you only focus in re-igniting your fire,
and ignore the defence around it,
the fire will naturally and over time,
weaken again.

Let’s say
that you may need to give it more air.
With help,
you can go to those walls.
They are scary to look at,
because they are a consequence of what have caused you hurt or pain.
But let’s say
that you not only look at them.
You actually acknowledge what they have done for you.
And then you sing to life,
a dead story
that has been laying heavy,
around your heart.

And when you sing it,
it transforms.

A wave of deep understanding
ripples through you.
Slowly thickness and hardness are melting.
More space. More air.
Fire is reviving.
Your inner ring sparkles,
by way of your inner seeing,
your compassion
and newborn self-respect.

And that which lives inside your heart,
can naturally radiate and be revealed.
This is you.
Your truly you.

Let’s say that this is not a far-away possibility.
That you, me, all of us
can experience more life,
beyond the walls of trauma
and disconnection.

Let's say
that we all would say yes to this.
How would the world,
your world, my world, our world
look like?