Inspiration - Charging the Body with Spirit


"The original meaning of the word "inspiration" links it to breath (pneuma) as symbolic of soul or spirit. Inspiration is thus similar to the taking in of a full breath. Thus once the lungs are full of breath metaphorically the body is filled with spirit (pneuma). The result is often also associated with enthusiasm which originally meant "god-filled" in Greek. (The Hidden Geometry of Flowers, Keith Critchlow).

Air is the medium in which we are bodily immersed all the time. It's also the carrier of our voices, songs and whispers. An holder of meanings. The place of the spirits.
"It is the most magical element, because we see that we cannot act, we cannot speak, or even think without continually imbibing this invisible substance. (…) The words for spirit , for psyche, the words for the soul or anima - our words spirit - comes from the old latin word, spiritus , which originally means a breath or gust of wind (David Abram).

To inspire is thus more than an action. It's a state of soulfulness. Of being filled, charged , motivated, or better said, inspirited.

So remember: when you feel unmotivated or dull you may be lacking inspiration.You may be longing for spiritual nourishment.

What inspires or inspirits you?