The Kingship and Queenship in Us

On the 27th April, we celebrate the King’s day in the Netherlands.

The King or Queen has been, accordingly to ancient traditions, the one who knows how to keep the harmony between the dualistic forces of life, the Heaven and the Earth, the Spirit and Matter, the Yang and Yin. This wisdom has been commonly attributed and preserved by Kings and Queens, Sages, Priests or Priestesses and Shamans throughout times.

The link between the heavenly and earthly realms has also been an art recognised by myth to the trees. The symbol of the Tree of Life involved a sense of a world axis, a unified center where dualities came together. Myth and reality are no different: trees are the living embodiment of a vibrant central axis, a center point around which a diversity of life forms orbitate and evolve.

Interestingly enough, in Chinese tradition, humans beings are often seen as vertically aligned beings, with a clear capacity to connect the heavens and the earth.

On the King's day we all should be wearing a crown, as a reminder of the Kingship and Queenship in us: the ability to become a steady center around which life gravitates and flourishes. At this time of the year, trees are investing in their crowns, ecstatically growing green leaves and flowers. Trees, just by being who they are, can always mirror back to us aspects that are essential for our fulfilment as humans.

So, what best then now, during times of crisis, to look into nature with a beginners mind and take fresh inspiration from one of the most ancient and resilient beings on Earth, the trees?