Your Crown

tree and crown
On the 27th April, the King’s day is celebrated here in the Netherlands.

The archetype of the King or Queen accordingly to ancient traditions, has been associated with the one who knows how to keep the harmony between the dualistic forces of life: the Earth and Heaven, the matters of societal life and the spiritual principles.
This wisdom has been also attributed and preserved by Sages and Shamans throughout times.

But this role is not only confined to humans and has older origins. Trees are the ancient living link between heavenly and earthly realms.

In myth, the symbol of the Tree of Life involves a sense of a world axis, a unified center where dualities come together.
For the Celts trees were the first shamans.
Embedded in the body of the Earth, trees stand as a vibrant central axis around which a rich diversity of life forms orbitate and evolve. Us naturally included.

At this time of the year, trees are investing in their crowns.
Green leaves and flowers show up in their crowns, in a vast array of shapes and colours. A language of vigour and beauty, which seduces our senses, arouses inspiration and encourages our heads to lift towards the sun and heaven.

The King's day it's a great reminder about our own kingship or queenship. At the top of our heads there is a spot known by eastern traditions as the crown chakra. This energetic centre, when open, allows spirit to merge with the physical world. It's the place of hundred meetings, where yin and yang converge.

Because we are a culture that focuses predominantly in reaching to the top and prioritizes productivity, we may tend to believe that fruition is mainly concerned with the head. But this is only partly true. When we look into a tree, we can easily discover that the crown, with it's leaves, flowers and fruit is supported by the roots below.
Same way, our crowns need the stability and nourishment of the body and earth, in order to manifest.
This can tells u
s one thousand things but also one thing: to invest upwards, we also have to invest downwards.

"This center (crown chakra) can be worked with through grounding and consciously having physical, sensate experiencing, exercising, spending time in nature, appreciating our physical body, and working through whatever patterns of wounding are causing us to want to leave our body and the Earth. In other words:  a return to the lower chakras" Morten Tolboll

To explore this, I will give you a simple standing like a tree exercise.

Stand with your feet parallel, at shoulder-width.
Your arms rest on your sides.

Notice your bony-pelvis, at the root of your torso.
Allow it to drop down through your legs, into your feet, and from your feet into the Earth.
Gently notice and loosen-up your hip-joints.
Unlock your knees.
Give yourself time. Sen
se into the dropping and keep your eyes semi-open.
Your roots go deeper than you imagine.
By way of your root,
electrons are physically passed from the earth to your body.
The Earth pulls you to her,
as much as you pull her to you.

Now notice the top of your head, the crown of your body.
The cosmos above hold your heights.
Allow it to lift your head and spine upwards.

You are awakening the crown-root polarity in your body.
And gently encouraging the spine to lengthen.

The dense is invited to sink.
The dense of your jaw, shoulders, chest and pelvis is like sweet sap of the tree flowing down towards your belly, legs, feet and the earth.
The light is encouraged to rise.
Your head, spine and smile release a bright vapour that steam up towards heaven.
Take 5 minutes exploring this.

Then notice the entirety of your proportion, the top and bottom, the space you occupy between heaven and earth.

Between crown-body (head) and root-body (pelvis, legs and feet), there is the heart space.
Here lies the noble-seat of the whole kingdom.

Take a few moments to connect with your heart-space.
Finally move your body, shake your feet, hands and look around.

In sync with nature, we should also be wearing and celebrating our crown.
To stand, even if for a moment, with our vertical spines, raised heads, rooted bones and open hearts.
Just like a tree, we can become with intent, breath, imagination, grounding and practice, that steady axis around which the dual forces of life can harmonise, combine and truly blossom.