In a Time of Crisis, What is Strange and what is New?


photo credit: amber, my 8 years old daughter
Strange days, ask for strange ways. This may simply mean to become curious about something new. A new perspective. A new gesture. Or a new habit. 

For us humans, the familiar has generally and unfortunately been not sustainable and thus, not life- giving. Over millennia we normalised a way of living that is strange or alienated from the natural world. Overtime, what was initially strange became familiar.
Now, that we are stricken by pandemic and obliged to re-evaluate our habits - hey, suddenly there's space for something strange but maybe with a taste of ancient, to emerge.
When new spaces are created, it's up to us how we fill them. 

So the question is this: what new habits, new customs or new traditions do you wish to cultivate and bring forth into your life?