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“Basic intelligence is what is revealed after the defences are let go.”

Chogyam Trungpa

BODY CENTRED COACHING consists on an holistic approach to stress release or body-mind connection, mainly based on the principles of somatic experiencing (Trauma Healing), combined with chi kung, intuitive coaching, energy touch and pre and perinatal awareness.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Every single being possesses an organic intelligence, which supports the return to equilibrium. However, when events are too overwhelming humans might not be able to process them internally and then, they get stuck and freeze. This defensive state when left unresolved, can uproot human consciousness from the physical-energy body, causing weakness in the immune system, disempowerment and ultimately, separation from what is natural and life-giving in one’s being.

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Artwork- When death comes exhibition at The Island

Through a unique combination of diverse approaches and experiential knowledge, Raquel encourages the moment-to-moment awareness of oneself, enhancing the safe regulation of the overcharged nervous system and supporting the innate healing processes to take place. She supports, in the context of a heart-based relationship, the embodied presence of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, energy and body-sensations as they come and go, renegotiating new meanings and coherent physiological states and enhancing the movement from separation to wholeness.

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FOR WHO? For everyone who desires to:

- cultivate a coherent body-mind relationship
- nervous system regulation
- energy-awareness and management
- grounding/earth connection
- boundary work
- pre and perinatal awareness

SESSIONS are tailored accordingly to the needs of the person. They may include awareness of bodily sensations, touch, breathing exercises, voice work, slow movement, drawing and practices to take-home. It’s possible that sessions also take place in a natural environment (such as a quiet park).

per session: 85Euro
package of 5 sessions: 350Euro
each session lasts 1h15min

Raquel works mostly in the Centrum and East area of Amsterdam. More information will be send to you after Raquel receives your