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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

I GROUND MYSELF and my work in the believe that we all conceal within ourselves the wisdom needed to re-balance ourselves and the world around us.

This conviction holds mostly a experiential background, by way of my personal healing, motherhood, work with chi kung, trauma healing (Somatic Experiencing®), art therapy, and pre and perinatal therapy.

I facilitate chi kung, either as weekly sessions, seminars or workshops in the area of Amsterdam and Portugal and offer individual or parents-and-babies/kids sessions of therapeutic work for early trauma integration.

I love to partner with committed man and women, pregnant women, parents, children and babies, in supporting their inner processes of self-regulation, intimacy and healing.

More About Raquel…
Driven to find out more about herself, Raquel was led to studies in Conflict Mediation, Chi Kung, Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Baby Integrative Therapy (pre and perinatal awareness), coupled with personal research and experiential knowledge.

Raquel’s growth was however, essentially boosted by the experience of childbirth. This extraordinary life passage became the gateway to her life purpose. Raquel felt empowered as never before, by her body instinctual wisdom. This journey continued with post-birth recovery, parenting and her work as a coach and somatic practitioner till now.

As a coach, Raquel is certified by Neuroleadership Institute in advanced coaching skills (course accredited by the International Coach Federation).

As a chi kung facilitator, she practices and studies for more than ten years with Peter den Dekker, who received his training from Master Lam Kan Chuen. Peter den Dekker is the author of the book The Dynamics of Standing Still. Raquel is also a current member of the Tai Chi Association in the Netherlands.

As an integrative baby therapist, Raquel finished her training with Conscious Embodiments back in 2017. She keeps on pursuing specialised training in the field of pre and perinatal psychology and relational neurobiology, in order best support parents and babies.

Her body of work is based on the foundations of
Chi Kung, Somatic Experiencing®, Art Therapy and on the blossoming field of Pre and Perinatal Awareness.

She found/finds inspiration in diverse teachers and mentors, such as Peter Levine (the founder of SE), Alé Duarte, Maggie Kline (co-author of “Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes”), Peter Den Dekker, Didi Overman, Penny Simkin, Matthew Appleton, Thomas Harms etc.