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Baby in Us
We all arrive in this world with a baby story - a personal myth that unfolded whilst we were forming in the womb and coming into being.
Experiences emerging from this primal period, can remain with us throughout our life, impacting the way we perceive ourselves and how we relate tho the world around us, as memory stored in the body.

Early Imprints
However this early experiences often are dismissed, remaining unrecognized and undigested in our bodies, crystallising in the architecture of our physical, emotional and psychological bodies as imprints.

We all have a "baby story" in us, that naturally will seek for healing throughout our lifetime. Therefore we will experience times when the original wound will open so it can be properly attended.

Its' Never Too Late
It's never too late to listen and support the integration of undigested early experiences, that may be holding you back or keeping parts of you captive and away from yourself and the world surrounding you.


Prenatal Somatic Coaching it's a whole- body approach, based on the principles of Somatic Experiencing (from Peter Levine), Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Integrative Baby Therapy and heart-based presence.

- if you experience existential fears around relationships,money, food and sexuality
- if you wish to conceive or are pregnant and want to work safely your own birth story or other early experiences
- if you are simply curious about the impact in your life of your birth or time-in-the womb
- if you feel like you constantly hold back, numb or dissociate in order to cope with your daily reality

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include dialogue and inquiry about birth story or/and time between conception and after birth, felt- sense awareness practices, palpation, breathing, voice work, trauma education and heart-based listening.

- single session
(1.45 min.):
- package of 3 sessions:
275 (

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