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"Do you need and wish to share your current experiences, while being supported to develop awareness, personal resources, regulate the nervous system and restore a sense of safety in te midst of such uncertain times?"

ONLINE SOMATIC COACHING nurturing resources during times of crisis
It consists on an holistic approach to stress release and whole-body connection, mainly based on the principles of Somatic Experiencing (from Peter Levine), combined with Chi Kung exercises and a heart-based presence.

Every human, stores an inherent intelligence, developed through thousands of years of evolution, which supports the return to equilibrium. However, when events are too overwhelming we might not be able to process/digest them internally. Consequently, our over-loaded systems decrease our ability to feel (no more input), and we may feel stuck or disorientated.
This is a defensive state, meant to last only for a short period of time. However, if left unresolved can exhaust us, weaken our immune system and impair our ability to bounce back from life difficulties (resilience). This comes associated with constant fear, guilt, anxiety or panic, ultimately, leading us to a sense of separation from what is natural and life-giving in ourselves and the world around us.

Therefore, Somatic Coaching work:
encourages the moment-to-moment awareness of oneself at multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
helps the body to gradually digest/process excesses
◦ explores the embodiment of resources, so that to facilitate more expansion/space in the body and mind
enhances the safe regulation of the overcharged nervous system
supports the integration of difficult experiences, promoting human resiliency.

- if you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty, fear or anxiety
- if you wish to broaden and embody life-expanding resources
- if you feel spaced out or helpless about the current outstanding life circumstances
- if you need to work on past traumas, that might be surfacing for you right now

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Online Sessions

include guided body-awareness practices, breathing exercises, voice work, slow movement, inquiry, heart-based listening and after-session practices.

single online session:
65 (excl VAT)

package of 3 sessions:
170 (excl VAT)

Sliding scale of single online session:

Session length: 1h15min.

More information will be send to you after Raquel receives your